Ben Harvey


Ben Harvey is the President and one of the owners of E. L. Harvey & Sons Inc., a full service waste and recycling firm that provides services for commercial and industrial corporations and municipalities throughout eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

After graduating from Delaware Valley College with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1971, Ben moved into a leadership role at E. L. Harvey & Sons. His duties within the company include negotiating the sales of recyclables to mills and end users worldwide.  He contracts with disposal sites throughout the Northeast for the safe and efficient transfer of waste materials.  Ben is a superior administrator, providing leadership and motivation to the company’s management team.

Ben is a well respected and nationally recognized business leader and an authority in his industry.   He has used his years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the industry to educate thousands of business and association leaders through presentations at local, regional and national forums on numerous occasions.  He continues to be a sought after speaker on many business related topics.  He is also well respected by the regulatory agencies that continue to seek his unbiased opinion.  Ben has also been interviewed for industry related articles for many trade magazines including Waste Age, Scrap, Recycling Today and C & D World.

Ben also takes active leadership roles in many trade and professional organizations. He has served as the president of the Eastern Paper Mills Suppliers Association, the Waste Recyclers Council of NSWMA, the Paper Stock Industries chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the Detachable Container Association.  He has served on the Board of Directors of Waste Cap of Massachusetts and the Detachable Container Association.  He is currently on the Board of the Massachusetts Recycling Association, the Detachable Container Association the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the Recycling Industry Operating Standards.  Ben is the current president of the National Solid Wastes Management Association and is the chair of the Environmental Business Councils Construction and Demolition Forum.  Ben serves on many task forces and committees for all the associations he is affiliated with.

Ben has been recognized by his peers in the industry by receiving many awards and recognition including the Distinguished Service Award from NSWMA and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Recycling from Mass Recycle.  He has also been inducted into the Environmental Industry Associations Hall of Fame.