Our History

Our History


Founded by Emory Larkin Harvey, E. L. Harvey’s is now a four-generation family-owned business located in Westborough, Massachusetts.


The Harvey family starts recycling. Materials included cardboard, newspaper, rags, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


The Harvey’s begins operating a burning dump for the town of Westborough.


The company operates landfills for the towns of Westboro and Hopkinton. These landfills have now been closed to Massachusetts DEP specifications. We purchase our first down-stroke baler for newspaper and corrugated.


After the addition of roll-off trucks to our business, we install a pit baler to handle the larger volume of materials generated by new customers.


We open a building equipped with an HRB baler. We later convert to a more productive Bollegraaf system for that process.


A 17,500 square foot transfer station is built. It is designed to allow us to separate recyclables from the waste stream and transport the remaining waste to ‘waste-to-energy’ facilities (incinerators) throughout New England.


We install a shredder and baler specifically for destruction of confidential records and high-grade office papers. Currently we are a NAID certified, AAA security on-site DOD security shredding facility. Our off-site NAID, AAA security mobile shredding division allows us to further service our customer’s needs.


E.L. Harvey and Sons opens a new corporate office building at our headquarters in Westborough, MA. This building continues to house our office staff, sales and customer service departments. As a public service, we make our facility also available as a meeting place for many area associations. These include NSWMA, Massachusetts Recycling Association, various town committees and other local groups.


A new material resource recovery facility (MRRF) is built. A conveyor belt system allows sorters to easily remove recyclables from the waste stream. This material is baled and shipped all over the world. This process keeps our customers in compliance with the Massachusetts State Regulations and waste bans.


Further enlarging our company, we purchase two small waste hauling companies in Woburn and Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. These acquisitions give us a presence in the Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts areas. We establish a division in Tyngsboro to service our expanding customer base.


A 49,000 square foot construction and demolition recycling building opens. The use of state-of-the-art equipment designed and built in the Netherlands allows us to remove wood, plastic, metal, aggregate, and cardboard from construction loads. We now recycle an average 85% of the material that comes into that building. This process keeps construction companies in compliance with state waste bans and makes them eligible for points under the National LEED Program of the Green Building Council, of which we are a member.


E.L. Harvey acquires Recycle America Enterprises in Fitchburg, MA. E.L. Harvey renames it to Harvey Recycling of Fitchburg. This location will be accepting Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition, Shingles, Metals, Wood, Cardboard and Single Stream.


An 80,000 square foot Residential Single Stream sorting facility opens. E.L. Harvey worked with Bulk Handling Systems out of Eugene, OR to design, build and install the highly-automated state-of-the-art equipment allowing for up to 600 tons of single stream recycling per day. The new facility uses the latest in screening and optical sorting technology that recovers 95% of available recyclables.

Near Future

Our goal is to continue to encourage recycling as a means of reducing waste. As a family and a business we are committed to creating the opportunity for our customers to recycle more material out of the solid waste stream. We look forward to our healthy future growth in servicing the present and future businesses of New England.