Safety Policy Statement

E.L. Harvey & Sons believes a comprehensive safety program to be one of the primary factors in the continuing success of our company.

It is the stated formal policy of the corporation to strive to furnish its employees a workplace free from recognized hazards. E.L. Harvey & Sons will always endeavor to provide all of its employees a safe, clean place in which to work and the proper tools and equipment to do their jobs safely. In turn, employees must make every effort to avoid and prevent personal injury to themselves and their co-workers. This can best be accomplished by the careful following of all the company’s Safety Standards, the use of good common sense, the reporting of any perceived unsafe activities or conditions and the reporting of work-related injuries or illnesses to the appropriate supervisory personnel.

It is our goal to have each employee at E.L. Harvey & Sons finish each work day as healthy as he or she started it.  Our current workers compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is  .71 on a scale where anything under 1.00 is exceptional.

Driver Training
Our drivers go through an aggressive 4 to 6-week training program along with a defensive driving program with the Central Mass Safety Council. All of our employees are drug tested and go through criminal background checks.



  • Jerry Sjogren, Safety Director: (508) 836-3046
  • Karen Carreiro, Safety Coordinator: (508) 836-3047

Safety is about awareness.  Please watch this short video and remember to be cautious when moving around trash collection vehicles.

Thank you!