Construction and Demolition

Construction debris removal in Westborough, MA

In 2007 E.L. Harvey & Sons opened a state of the art 48,000 square foot construction and demolition recycling building on our campus in Westborough, MA. This equipment is designed and built in the Netherlands and allows us to automate the separation process.

Our facility is structured and organized to help take care of excess materials when a construction or demolition job has been completed. Our efficient process saves businesses the time and money it takes to comply with regulations while ensuring you get the benefits of reliable construction debris disposal.

Use Our Services for Effective Recycling

Take advantage of our special equipment to sort through your recycling. Our equipment automatically sorts through different materials. With this method, you don’t need to waste energy sorting the materials on your own. We also maximize the amount of recyclable materials we collect. On average, we salvage 85% of the materials we receive, and have even reached over 95% on certain job sites.

Reap the Gains of Our Recycling Services

When you need qualified recycling and disposal services, trust in E.L. Harvey & Sons. We have helped companies dispose of their waste for over 100 years. Our experience translates into solid gains for your company, as demonstrated by our recent 2015 Construction and Demolition Recycler of the Year Award from the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association.

For more information on our construction recycling plant please read our featured article in the national magazine Construction and Demolition Recycling.

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