Construction Dumpster Rental

Construction Dumpster Rental

At E.L. Harvey & Sons, we are committed to providing high-quality construction dumpster rentals for businesses and corporations. With state-of-the-art equipment imported from the Netherlands and designed especially for our facility, we are able to recycle construction and demolition material efficiently at very competitive rates. We are also able to provide recycling reports and waste management plans that are compatible with LEED and MA CHPS requirements. Learn more about our state of the art C&D facility.

Types of Materials We Separate

We separate and repurpose a variety of different materials from your construction site. Some are melted down and restored to their original state, such as metal, aluminum, copper, and copper wire, as well as mixed rigid plastics, which are baled and shipped to the Far East to be made into new plastic products. Other materials we separate include the following:

  • Aggregate, Brick & Concrete (ABC): Crushed to a 6″ minus and used for road base/clean fill. This material is crushed with our machine and used on our site in Westborough and Hopkinton.
  • Wood “A”: Clean, unpainted, unstained wood is shipped to a plant where it is chipped to a 2″ minus product. It is then used for extra clean fuel to create steam at a Bio Mass Power Plant. We also work with a company that remanufactures the wood into bark mulch.
  • Wood “B”: Painted and stained wood is also shipped out and chipped to a 2″ minus product and then used as fuel to create steam at a Bio Mass Power Plant, or it is remanufactured into particle board. (Note: A significant portion of wood is not clean enough to remanufacture; it is sent to Bio Mass Power Plants for energy recovery. These power plants are not the same as a municipal waste combustor (incinerator). The extreme heat produces very little ash compared to your typical incinerator. The small amount of ash produced from these power plants is clean enough to be used as clean fill and composting. Municipal waste combustion, on the other hand, produces about 10% ash, which then goes to a landfill. Currently, this is the best way to recycle wood and is acceptable for LEED certification.)
  • Asphalt Shingles: Cleaned and shipped to plants for grinding to be reused as new asphalt products or cement kilns.
  • Gypsum Drywall: Cleaned and shipped to be made into new wallboard.
  • Carpet, Ceiling Tile, and Used Gypsum Drywall: These materials can be recycled but require special handling procedures that start at the job site.

Committed to Sustainability

E.L. Harvey & Sons sends less than 15% of the remaining residual to incinerators to be burned and create electricity. This reduces our country’s dependence on foreign oil and decreases the use of less environmentally sound power generation methods.

We serve Framingham, Shrewsbury, Hopkinton, Northborough, Worcester, Marlborough and the surrounding areas. Contractors have consistently trusted us for the collection and recycling of their construction site waste—visit our testimonials page to see for yourself. To learn more about E.L. Harvey & Sons and our construction dumpster rental services, call us at (508) 836-3000 or request our services online.

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