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Customer Support

Curbside Services FAQs

  • Does E.L. Harvey offer curbside collection in my town?

    You can view a full list of current towns and cities, as well as learn more about our curbside services here.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

    Yes, we offer online bill pay. To set up your account or login, click here.

  • My trash or recycling was not picked up. Now what?

    If you missed your trash pickup date please put out all of your trash on your next pickup date. If you have any questions please call our customer service team at 1-800-321-3002.

  • What am I allowed to place in my single stream recycling bin?

    There are some specific rules on what may or may not be placed in your single stream recycling bins. You can learn more here, and print out this resource as a place of reference.

  • Does E.L. Harvey pick up large or oversized items like furniture, appliances, and rugs?

    We offer bulk item pickup at special pricing depending on the item you need removed. You can reference our current bulk item price list, and then give us a call to schedule your pickup at 1-800-321-3002.

    *If you are serviced by Harvey via town contract – please visit your towns website for specific bulk collection guidelines.

  • Our upcoming pickup day is on a holiday, will this affect our curbside service?

    Depending on the day of the week and holiday your service lands on, your service day may be affected. Please refer to our Holiday Schedule for more information.

  • What time is my trash/recycling collected?

    Please have your trash/recycling at the curb by 6am. Trash bins must be facing the street and at least 3ft from obstructions (telephone poles, mailboxes, etc.)

  • What if I have more trash than can fit in my bin?

    Extra Bags that do not fit inside your trash bin will be charged at $6.00*/bag.
    *Price is subject to change without notice

Town Collection Information and Calendars

Commercial Services FAQs

  • What compactor sizes does E.L. Harvey currently offer?

    We have 20 yard, 35 yard, and 45 yard compactors available. We also provide customized solutions to fit your needs. Learn more here to request compactor services.

  • What do I need to know before renting a dumpster?

    Be sure there is enough room for the dumpster as well as the delivery truck. A few good questions to ask yourself are, “Where is it going to be placed?”, “Is there enough space for the truck to drop the dumpster?”, “Are there any overhead wires, trees, or other hazards that could cause an issue?”, “Is there enough room to open the door to the dumpster?”.

  • Do I need a permit for my dumpster or container?

    Many cities and towns require a permit to place a dumpster on the street or sidewalk. It’s in your best interest to check with your city or town before ordering if a permit is required.

  • What size(s) of dumpsters are available from E.L. Harvey?

    We Currently offer the following sizes, you can learn more and request a dumpster on our Open Top Containers page:

    15 Yard Open Top – 4′ H x 8′ W x 14′ 6″ L
    20 Yard Open Top – 4′ H x 8′ W x 22′ L
    30 Yard Open Top – 6′ H x 8′ W x 22′ L
    *40 Yard Open Tops are available at special request.  Restrictions will apply.

  • What types of small containers are available from E.L. Harvey?

    E.L. Harvey offers businesses many different styles and sizes of small containers to best accommodate your specific needs. See our small containers page for full style and size information.

Recycling FAQs

  • What is Single Stream Recycling?

    Single Stream Specifications can be found here.

  • Can you recycle hoses, Christmas lights or other string items?

    No, these items need to be thrown into the trash. These items cannot be processed through our recycling facility.

  • Can I place Styrofoam in my recycling?

    No, Styrofoam needs to be thrown into the trash. E.L. Harvey does not recycle Styrofoam.

  • Why can’t I recycle my pizza box?

    Pizza boxes can be recycled ONLY IF they do not contain any grease or food residue. Pizza boxes are on the DO NOT RECYCLE list because 9 times out of 10 pizza boxes are contaminated with grease stains.

  • Can I put wrapping paper in my recycling?

    No, most wrapping paper and gift bags container some type of metallic feature, glitter, or texture making it not able to be recycled.

  • Can I throw plastic children’s toys in with my recycling?

    No, it is difficult to identify the type of plastic the toy is made from making it nearly impossible to recycle.