Hopkinton Town Hall Reception

At a recent reception in the Hopkinton town hall on June 4th, 2012, James Harvey, CEO of E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. presented a special signed and numbered lithograph of a painting of Dick and Rick Hoyt to the Town of Hopkinton. The original painting was done by Hopkinton artist, Dustin Neece, and was commissioned to honor the Hoyt’s 30th Boston Marathon. This gift is an acknowledgement of the shared dedication between the Town of Hopkinton and the Harvey family to the Hopkinton community and to the Hoyts.  Dick Hoyt, the father who pushes his son, Rick in a wheelchair in the Boston Marathon each year is an inspiration to anyone who has met them and witnessed the bond they share.

The Hoyt’s and the Town of Hopkinton enjoy a very special relationship dating back to Dick Hoyt’s first marathon with his son, Rick, 30 years ago.  Rick Hoyt, now 72, still runs the Boston Marathon pushing his 50 year old son in his wheelchair.  E. L. Harvey & Sons is proud to support their efforts and to call them ‘friends’.  Once again, in August, the Harvey’s will team with the Hoyts to raise money for Easter Seals and the Hoyt Foundation.

Five years ago as the Hoyt’s approached their 25th Marathon, E. L. Harvey & Sons joined them in a hosting an event to raise money for Easter Seals Massachusetts.  That event raised over $28,000 and was the beginning of a wonderful relationship for the Hoyt’s and E. L. Harvey & Sons.