For a timely collection of waste and recycling bins, it’s essential to understand the proper location for placing the bins. Typically, bins should be placed 1/5 meters from the curb with the opening side facing the roadside. Businesses should ensure that their bins are not placed too close to other bins; they should be at least one meter apart. If a business is not close to a curb, a location close to a road reserve that won’t affect the use of the reserve is ideal. A recycling company also may select a specific point for bin placement for a particular street or block.

Recycling Tips

Business should be responsible for sorting their wastes for efficient collection. Some recycling tips for sustainable waste collection include:

- Rinsing glass and cans to avoid odors

- Packing shredded paper in a wrapped bag to avoid spillage

- Crushing aluminum waste and flattening plastics to save space in bins

- Removing plastic caps and lids from glass and plastic wastes

Secure Destruction Services

Some businesses may lack enough resources for bulk shredding and electronics destruction. This is where a full-service recycling company comes in handy. With more years in the industry, E.L. Harvey & Sons offers on-site paper shredding and product and electronics destruction services before transporting the waste to the recycling service facility. This helps to protect sensitive data while still ensuring proper waste management and recycling.