Waste and recycling disposal is integral to any small or large construction project. Renting a dumpster is an excellent way to dispose of debris and trash quickly. Here are a few tips to make the dumpster rental experience as efficient as possible.

Be Mindful of Dumpster Placement

Make sure the dumpster is requested to placed in an area where the driver will have easy in and out access.  Also be aware of any overhead wires, low hanging trees or obstacles the driver may face when placing the container.  For additional information, please refer to our Dumpster Tips.

Break Down Materials

Maximize the space in the dumpster rental by breaking down as much debris as possible. Even if you choose to rent an open top dumpster for a large volume project, boxes and bulk materials should be torn and folded into smaller pieces to increase the space available. This will not only allow for more items to fit in the dumpster, but it will inevitably reduce the need for additional waste management space.

Be Prepared for the Dumpster Height

Keep in mind that dumpsters can often be very tall, depending on the type of dumpster chosen. To efficiently dispose of debris and trash, make sure when having the dumpster placed, there is access to open the door to the dumpster.

Recycle and Sort Trash

The benefit of using E.L. Harvey is we have a Construction and Demolition sorting facility in Westborough, Ma.  This allows customers to place all waste and recyclables into the same dumpster.  When the material comes back to our facility, the recyclables are sorted and the trash is sent to our transfer station.  Watch the video to see how the process works!

This building is a LEED Certified building.  If the construction project your company is working on requires LEED reporting, E.L. Harvey can provide this service.