In 2014, the state of Massachusetts passed a commercial organics waste ban for companies producing a ton or more of food waste per week. This regulation requires all businesses to dispose of their food waste separately. Some organizations choose to donate their extra food, some have reduced their waste through purchasing and production cutbacks or on-site waste management solutions, and others utilize off-site composting. One of the most efficient and effective methods is the use of a depackaging machine from E.L. Harvey & Sons.

About Depackaging Machines

Food waste recycling plant in Westborough, MAA depackaging machine separates organic waste matter from non-organic materials, such as paper or plastic packaging, cans, and Styrofoam boxes. This allows businesses to successfully process even expired packaged food that has never been opened. These machines use agitation, compression, shredding, and screening to mechanically sort through what previously had to be done by hand.

Benefits of Depackaging Machines

The use of a depackaging machine is a time-efficient and cost-effective method for food waste processors to separate materials for recycling and disposal. One benefit of this method is that the packaging materials do not have to be cleaned prior to disposal, as this is done by the depackaging machine. These machines also compact the waste, allowing for fewer trips to handle disposal. Some materials have the potential to be repurposed or sold, such as large blocks of Styrofoam. There are even companies who are transforming food waste into clean energy. This gives companies the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream out of what would have previously ended up in a landfill.

Why Choose E.L. Harvey & Sons

E.L. Harvey & Sons is a family-owned business with a long history in the area. We began handling waste in 1911 and were among the forerunners of recycling in 1940. By choosing E.L. Harvey & Sons for food waste product recycling, customers in the Westborough area are supporting a local business while staying in compliance with the commercial organics waste ban. In 2016, the company expanded to include the Scott Equipment Depackaging Machine, which provides both wet and dry stream processing, easy maintenance, and a variable frequency drive, while processing up to 20 tons of waste per hour.

Companies who are interested in learning more about this service should call E.L. Harvey & Sons at (508) 836-3099. Browse the site to learn more about the facility, discover other commercial services, and read testimonials from satisfied customers.