Secure Shredding and Destruction Services in Westborough, MA

Serving Framingham, Westborough, Tyngsboro, Worcester, Marlborough and the Surrounding Cities
E.L. Harvey & Sons will partner with your business to create a customized solution that fits your specific business needs. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service, well maintained equipment and additional service options as your business grows.
Our secure destruction services keep our customers in compliance with state and federal regulations. Customers who use our Document Shredding services know they can depend on us to handle their most confidential materials.

Destruction Services:

    • Secure Document Shredding

      Confidential papers, tax returns, contracts, agreements, and financial statements are examples of documents that should never be disposed of in a trash can. E.L. Harvey & Sons can send someone directly to your business to perform secure document shredding. We’ll then transport your shredded waste to a paper mill for recycling.

    • Computer Hard Drives and Electronics Destruction

      In order to safeguard your company’s sensitive information, allow us to perform secure computer and electronic destruction. Our team follows strict guidelines for electronic destruction, and we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.

    • Product Destruction

      In addition to paper and electronic destruction, our staff can address product destruction within certain specifications. If your company has prototypes, excess materials, food products or other expired goods that require special handling, E.L. Harvey & Sons can process these materials for you.

      In 2016, E.L. Harvey purchased their first Depackaging Machine for food waste products. This system is able to separate most packaging from organic food waste for use as animal nutrition, supplemental anaerobic digester organics, or product destruction and packaging reclamation.

If you have questions about the services E.L. Harvey & Sons offers, contact us by choosing your services here, or call our headquarters at (800) 321-3002.

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