Today, going green has gone mainstream. From hybrids to solar panels to organic fruits and vegetables, people everywhere are looking for eco-friendly options. These waste management tips will help keep the home sustainable. You’ll be helping the planet while saving a trip or two to the curb.

Know the Rules of Recycling

Often, people throw things in the recycling bin thinking the items are recyclable when they aren’t. Sorting the recycling then becomes a challenge, making the service more expensive. Local recycling companies are able to provide information about¬†the curbside collection, which lays out which items they accept.

Don’t Lose It, Reuse It!

Americans throw away nearly 2.5 billion Styrofoam coffee cups every year. The number of plastic bags is even higher! These products have readily available alternatives. A quick look around the home will reveal many single-use items that can be easily replaced with a reusable item. The best waste management begins with creating less waste.

Compost the Most

For people with gardens or even window planters, this is an excellent option. Save food scraps, coffee grinds, and other organic matter and feed it to the plants later!