Reducing one’s carbon footprint is a modern consumer’s goal. Many retailers in the cosmetics industry are taking note by offering products manufactured with environmental concerns in mind. Green living experts offer these tips for shoppers looking to cut their cosmetics footprint.

How is it Packaged?

Consumers should look for cosmetics products that minimize packaging. They should avoid brands that package cosmetics in bulky boxes or bags, opting instead for products offered in simple, environmentally friendly materials.

Is it Refillable?

Some cosmetic retailers even offer refillable compacts for eye shadows and blushes. When the product is empty, consumers can simply replace the empty cartridges with new ones.

Is It Recyclable?

Several cosmetics companies, such as MAC and Origins, offer perks for bringing back empty packaging. For brands that don’t have such a program, consumers should call their local recycling program to find out which materials are accepted and which aren’t. For example, harder plastics used to make bottle caps and compacts may not be recyclable.

Makeup is fun, and consumers shouldn’t have to choose between protecting the environment and indulging in a favorite lipstick. With these tips, green living will always be in style!