• Single Stream Recycling Facility

    Single Stream Recycling Facility

    80,000 sq. ft. - sorting and processing of commercial and residential single stream recycling.
  • Service Trucks

    Service Trucks

    E. L. Harvey & Sons' diverse capabilities allow us to collect a wide variety of materials.
  • Custom Compactor Services

    Custom Compactor Services

    Our company has the equipment and ability to service our customers with a variety of customized design and equipment installations.


    E. L. Harvey & Sons has 75 roll off trucks operating daily to service customers all over Central New England.
  • Commercial Paper Recycling

    Commercial Paper Recycling

    E. L. Harvey & Sons collects, sorts, and bales approximately 25 grades of paper, which is exported to recycling mills worldwide.


    Our recycling campus, situated on 43 acres in Westborough, MA, is like no other in the industry.



E.L. Harvey & Sons is a full service waste hauling, transfer, and scrap recycling operation. It has been an independent, family owned and operated business since it was founded in 1911 by Emory Larkin Harvey.Read More →



Our mission is to grow and prosper through efficient and responsible utilization of our resources, while providing our customers with cost-effective, responsive and environmentally sound solutions to their solid waste and recycling needs.Read More →


  1. 1
    Having an owner to talk to
    Because E. L. Harvey is a family owned and operated rubbish removal and recycling company, we have reduced the layers of management. An open line of communication with the owners is always available. An owner is on call 24 hours a day.
  2. 2
    Safe, courteous drivers
    At E. L. Harvey, we are proud to say that our drivers are among the safest in the industry. Given that a rating below 1.00 is considered outstanding, our workers’ compensation rating of .78 is incredible!!! In addition, our trucks are inspected every night, assuring our vehicles are constantly maintained.
  3. 3
    Having your compactor/boxes switched on most sites
    When you become a Harvey customer, our standard service is to deliver an empty compactor or box and remove the full one. This reduces the amount of time from hours to minutes that you are without the use of your compactor.
  4. 4
    Taking advantage of our recycling education
    Our customers like our commitment to recycling education. We will customize an effective collection system directed toward your needs and concerns. We provide support material and will set up a training booth to answer any question your employees may have. Our customers have found that the more their employees know about recycling the better the results.
  5. 5
    Having your trash loads recycled
    E. L. Harvey continues to remain ahead of the competition. Our material recovery facility is designed to remove even more recycables from qualifying trash loads than before. Our customers find the added security a plus.
  6. 6
    Confidential paper/product destruction
    Today, many institutions and corporations are dealing with sensitive information and products. These items include human resources, financial and medical information, file purging, and electronics. Our service is available both on-site and off-site. We are AAA certified, bonded and insured. Certificates of destruction are available.
  7. 7
    Single vendor service
    We provide a wide range of services. We can also handle your special waste, such as outdated pharmaceuticals. The current trend in business is to build a long-term partnership with vendors that offer a wide range of services.
  8. 8
    Keeping local money in the local community
    We have over 175 employees. They and their families live and shop in New England. Unlike the major companies who send a large percentage of their money to their out-of-state corporate offices, 100% of the money paid to Harvey remains in our own New England communities.
  9. 9
    Staying ahead of the technological curve
    We continue to invest in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to service all of our customers’ needs in the most creative, innovative and cost-efficient means available.