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Small Containers

Small Containers are a great solution for small to medium sized businesses generating non-hazardous solid waste and recycling.

Upright Style

Dock Style

Slant Style

Slant Style 2, 4 Yard

E.L. Harvey provides a broad selection of small containers and dumpsters to best fit the needs of your business. With multiple styles and sizes, we can fit your dumpster into your specific space. If you have any questions, please fill out the request form below, or give our team a call at 1-800-321-3002.


*Doors are not available on 2, 4 and 6 yard containers. Wheels may be added to 2 and 4yd containers. Containers with wheels add “7 to height, with foot channel add 3”. Approximate specifications subject to change.

Dumpster Rental FAQs and Tips

City/Town Permits

Many cities and towns require a permit to place a dumpster on the street or sidewalk. It’s in your best interest to check with your city or town before ordering if a permit is required.

Questions to Ask Before Ordering

Be sure there is enough room for the dumpster as well as the delivery truck. A few good questions to ask yourself are, “Where is it going to be placed?”, “Is there enough space for the truck to drop the dumpster?”, “Are there any overhead wires, trees, or other hazards that could cause an issue?”, “Is there enough room to open the door to the dumpster?”.

The Right Size Container

If you’re in between sizes, we recommend going with the larger size. We find that customers usually have more debris than they think.

E.L. Harvey will partner with your business to create a customized solution that fits your specific business needs. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service, well maintained equipment and additional service options as your business grows.

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