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We are proud to provide commercial recycling services in Westborough, MA, and the surrounding communities.

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Innovative Waste Management Practices

Single-Stream Recycling

Our single-stream recycling system streamlines recycling by combining all paper, plastics, metals, and glass into one bin. Materials are then transported to our 80,000-square-foot Westborough facility for precise sorting.

Confidential Document Destruction

We offer secure and compliant destruction of confidential documents, providing businesses with multiple options to protect their sensitive information.

E-Waste Recycling

Our e-waste recycling service processes electronics like computers, mobile phones, and televisions. Devices are disassembled to reclaim valuable components for reuse and recycling, reducing environmental impact.

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Opened in 2006, our Construction & Demolition recycling facility employs cutting-edge technology to sort and recycle materials from construction debris, such as wood, plastic, metal, and cardboard.

Food Waste/Product Destruction

Utilizing the Scott Turbo Depackaging Machine, we separate packaging from organic food waste. This process allows for the reuse of organics as animal feed, supports anaerobic digestion, or facilitates the thorough destruction and recycling of packaging.

We Have Other Solutions!

Organics Recycling for Your Business

In response to Massachusetts’ 2014 ban on commercial organic waste, we help businesses and institutions manage their organic waste by offering solutions for composting, recycling, and conversion, helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainable Waste Disposal

By partnering with E.L. Harvey to compost, recycle, reuse, or convert food wastes instead of disposing of them, you can achieve or surpass your sustainability goals.

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling Guide

Recycling waste reduces reliance on landfills. When your business recycles and you recycle at home, you’re saving the energy needed and reducing the environmental impact to reproduce these same materials.

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  • Beverage bottles
  • Jugs
  • Jars
  • Food containers
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  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Office paper
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  • Most bottles
  • Jugs
  • Jars
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  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Steel bottles
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Renovation Nation: Inside Our C&D Facility

Join Discovery Channel's 'Renovation Nation' as they explore the innovative recycling processes at our Construction & Demolition facility.

Recycling FAQs

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