Chapman Construction

Chapman Construction/DesignChapman Construction has been working with E.L. Harvey & Sons for almost a year now and we are extremely pleased with your service, particularly your recycling capabilities. Our company has been pushing the limits to set the standard for sustainable building practices. Harvey’s recycling efforts have exceeded our expectations.

The facility is by far the most sophisticated system in the area. The tour we went on was very interesting and informative. It proved that E.L. Harvey & Sons really is environmentally conscious and has an extensive understanding of the waste market. In addition, service has been exceptional, whether it be response time or receiving LEED reports to our recycling efforts.

I hope that others choose to use E.L. Harvey for the betterment of our environment. They are leading the industry in recycling. I would be more than happy to recommend your company to other contractors that are not only looking to recycle their construction waste, but are also looking to superior service.

– John C. Hall
President, LEED AP
Chapman Construction/Design
Newton, MA