Tufts University

On behalf of the Department of Geology, Tufts University, I just wanted to send you a personal note of gratitude for allowing my spring semester class “Geo-132 Groundwater Chemistry and Quality” to visit your facilities, including the closed landfills in Westborough and Hopkinton, on April 23, 2009.

Our tour of the historic landfills and opportunity to observe the groundwater monitoring operations provided my students with a better understanding of the efforts solid-waste operators take to protect and improve the environment and serve community at large. Although we do a good job as faculty describing the basic geohydrology and engineering aspects of landfills in the classroom at Tufts, nothing is as good as showing students the actual systems in the field. Fieldtrips of this type are invaluable for the best training of our student!

Once again, thank you.

– Grant Garven, Ph.D, Professor